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Laplink Software is the global leader in providing the best PC connectivity solutions. There are some fantastic products that Laplink has for you. All the products are geared towards providing you with better quality file transfer and connectivity.

Here are two quality products that Laplink has for you:

Laplink Gold

With the help of Laplink Gold, you can remotely control and interact with your PC. The latest version has the best safety measures in place. You can now easily connect your PC across platforms manage your PC remotely. You will be easily able to remotely control your PC, transfer files, and do many other jobs on your computer remotely. The Laplink Gold is a simple software to setup and use. The software automatically connects through all your security systems, and also gives you a fully loaded features for remote PC control.

Here are a few top quality features of Laplink Gold:

Connect PCs Safely and Securely:

The Laplink Gold is a very friendly software. It connects your PC’s with top class security. You will have a safe and a secure PC connectivity when you use the Laplink software. The connection happens with a variety of connectivity methods. The software handles all the necessary connectivity issues and gives you a ready to use environment. You can get connected to your PC from different connectivity sources.

Laplink USB 2.0:

To give you a better and faster file transfer, you have the Laplink USB that gives you a lightning speed connection option.


Laplink Everywhere

Using the Laplink Everywhere, you can gain access to your PC from anywhere. You will now be connected to your home or office PC’s from anywhere. Laplink gives you total freedom. The Laplink’s Everywhere software allows you to enjoy a very secure form of connection from anywhere. You can use the Laplink anywhere to get connected to your PC’s with the help of a web browser. You can use any devices like Smartphones and Mac’s to get connected. The beauty of using Laplink Everywhere is it connectivity options. If you have an opportunity to get internet access, then you can gain access to your PC. You have a very friendly toolbar that allows you to gain remote access in a single click.

Here are some features of Laplink Everywhere:

Remote Desktop:

You can now get access to your desktop remotely. You can use your desktop from anywhere. You will have the luxury of working on your desktop from anywhere. Get connected to the internet and you have your desktop right in front of you.

One-Click Remote Access:

With the Laplink Everywhere, you gain one click access to your files and folders. You can access your mails and files from anywhere. You can manage and transfer files remotely.

Remote Desktop Search:

You can now remotely search for your files and folders. You can work on your email and send files from your PC from anywhere. You can search for files you’re your remote PC with the latest Remote Desktop Search options.