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Laplink Concierge is the one and the best remote set up service that offers a complete transfer of data and applications to a new user. Laplink Software is the leader in PC connectivity software applications. The company is committed to the needs of the customers and makes the needs of the customers as the motive behind all new  products. More than 15 million PC and Mac users trust the brand Laplink. People worldwide use the software to migrate, transfer, synchronize, share, and remotely access billions of files almost every day.

Laplink Products:

Laplink has evolved over the years. The customer needs and the market demands have compelled the company to come up with products that are unique and with quality features. The Products range from  Internet-based, wireless and peer-to-peer solutions. Latest products are majorly focused synchronization of files between Windows PC and other mobile devices. To make the transfer more secure, peer-to-peer connection is the mode that is used for establishing connectivity. The company is affiliated with Intel and use the Intel’s Common Connectivity Framework as a source for synchronization.

Laplink Concierge: A One stop remote set up service

Laplink Concierge is named as the one and only  remote set up service that a new user can use to manage and transfer his or her files. You can transfer all your data and applications successfully using the Laplink Concierge. You will get this amazing software at a real good cost. The price is a real deal for such an amazing software. This software is all you need to manage and migrate your files successfully.

Laplink Concierge: Support

Once you buy the software, you will have a trained professional who will take you through the new PC set up process. A professional helping you will solve all the technical issues you might face. It is such a great thing to have a technical person by your side to assist you in all the endeavors. The technical person will assist you in connecting the entire PC. You will get help in connecting the monitor, printer, Internet access and any other need that you might have in setting up your PC. Once the PC is set, the expert will help you in transferring all your data, from your old PC to your new one. You can select a good time that you are totally free and you will have the professional visiting you for assistance.

The expert technician will make sure you have all the necessary things to have your new PC up and running. The technician will save you a  lot of time and frustration. You need not worry about anything, you just need to relax and the technician will do the necessary work for you.

Here are some benefits you would enjoy with Laplink Concierge

  • You would get expert help in installing and setting up your new PC.
  • You will have the Expert helping you in all kinds of connections.
  • The expert will help you in setting up wireless access.
  • All data transfers will be handled by the professional.
  • Finally, you get the peace of mind in setting up a new PC.