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Contours Light, a Lightweight Stroller By Kolcraft

One question that a parent always asks when buying a stroller is: do you go minimalist, or do you go for the bells and whistles? It is a common misconception that getting the large, bulky stroller is a better choice because it supposedly offers a long list of features and benefits. Unfortunately, what many don’t know is that a lightweight stroller can also offer essential features without sacrificing on security and safety.

At the end of the day, a parent will have to decide on what matters. More of than not though, the price tag becomes the deciding factor. If you want a highly-functional, light weight, yet still affordable piece, you can check out the Contours Light Stroller by Kolcraft.

Here are the product features:

  • Contours Lite is an economical and lightweight stroller
  • This stroller offers a spacious storage bin under the carrier
  • It offers both a cup holder for the child and the parent. Perfect for long walks or jogs.
  • It has an adjustable but average-sized canopy that can be detached when the weather is warm.
  • One hand maneuvering and folding
  • Offers a fully-adjustable recline
  • It can be folded into a self-standing, compact piece that can fit in cars and can be carried onto public transport.
  • This stroller can carry children up to 40 pounds in weight
  • Five point safety harness
  • Weighs only 15 pounds!

Deal Breakers

Some parents like the lightweight feature, others the easy fold and unfold. However, for serious users, the canopy and the size of the cargo basket underneath the baby carrier pose as serious concerns. Why, you might ask?

The canopy shields the baby’s eyes and face from the sun and prevents him or her from getting sun burned. Strollers are used by parents who run errands, do the groceries, or exercise in the park. They want to make sure that the baby stays comfortable while they do their thing. Some stroller models have extended canopies for added protection, and have also been coated with UV protection to keep the babies from becoming exposed too long in the sun. With the Contours Light model, the canopy is not only large but it can also be adjusted. This way you can regulate the amount of sunlight your baby is getting. No matter what they say about the sun, it is still a good source of vitamin D and keeps your child’s skin from becoming pale and yellowish.

The second important feature is the cargo basket. There must be a place for a small diaper bag, a change of clothes, and a couple of formula bottles or water. Without this, parents would be struggling to carry all of the baby’s essentials in a large bag or backpack. How then would they be able to run or jog? This is why the cargo basket must be roomy, spacious and built from durable materials so that it does not easily tear or break.

The Kolcraft brand is all about quality. Having been around since 1946, the brand has built baby furnitures including cribs and mattresses. It has shared the joys and challenges of parenthood with thousands of Moms and Dads.