Kaspersky Pure 3.0 Total Security

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In 2015, it seems that Kaspersky Total Security product has replaced Kaspersky Pure Total Security software

All about Kaspersky PURE

Kaspersky Labs already has a lot of excellent-quality products on its roster, Kaspersky PURE (the newest version is Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device 2015) is another one of them. With a teal and green gradient casing with the trademark design and Kaspersky logo, Kaspersky PURE offers the ultimate PC protection at home. It offers a third-level or highest protection and makes sure your PC is safe from any cybercriminal.

Kaspersky Lab is an IT security vendor that continues to grow worldwide, what with operations in more than 200 countries and territories. They have been operating for more than 15 years and have a wide array of security software products. They have been using their award-winning technology in all of them, ensuring their customers’ satisfaction.

Their cutting edge Safe Money feature can be found here, which allows one to continue online shopping and banking without having to worry about cybercriminals finding out about your personal information. They have a ton of other features, such as allowing you to control and monitor other PCs and parental control. Their cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network also allows them to detect new viruses and blocked before they can do any harm.

Kaspersky PURE also provides schedules backups of all your files so you do not lose them, even if the hard disk crashes or the PC gets lost and/or stolen. The Kaspersky PURE 3.0 (Kaspersky Total Security – Multi-Device 2015) offers lots of improvements plus new features the company had just developed. They seek to provide high-quality software that would satisfy even the most skeptical of customers.

More and more customers are satisfied as Kaspersky Lab continues to enhance the software to fit their needs and demands. Antivirus software has become an essential part when it comes to gadgets, since safety and security continue to be breached by hackers and viruses. Companies like Kaspersky respond by developing new ways to protect one’s gadgets and constantly improving those features they have already developed.