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It seems that Kaspersky has replace Kaspersky One with Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device

Kaspersky ONE: all around security

If it is all around security you need or want, Kaspersky ONE offers just that. It has a dark green casing with the trademark two thirds of a triangle with the Kaspersky logo. It is a one-license solution that could be used on your PC, Android tablets and smart phones, and Macs. It can safeguard up to five devices and make sure you are safe from anything that could be bad, be it phishing websites or viruses.

Kaspersky is an international group that operates in more than 200 countries and territories. They are always finding new ways, apart from improving their unique features, to provide even more security to make sure all their customers are satisfied. Real-time protection is ensured as Kaspersky ONE contains award-winning technology straight from the Kaspersky Lab technology.

It is universal security software that can be used on multiple devices; there is even an anti-theft protection for your smart phones and tablets, so all of the personal information contained will not be taken if it gets lost or stolen. It also detects new viruses so you most likely will not be taken aback with a sudden virus shutting down one or all of your gadgets.

It is definitely beneficial for such software to exist, since it provides security to more than one gadget. By introducing Kaspersky ONE there is no need to go through the hassle of buying security software for each gadget you have. It costs 99.95 US dollars, but in the long run it will seem like a good investment since you no longer have to renew it year after year.

With Kaspersky dedicated to fighting malware and viruses, you can be rest assured of the credibility of this software. Most users who have installed this universal security software are satisfied, and even more will be once they release a new and improved version.