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Designing a house is a very delicate and precise action. Architects spend countless hours designing the exterior and interior of a house. For architects, overall design is not just the biggest factor; measurements are also essential.

Chief Architect Home Designer Pro is the latest software for aspiring and professional architects. A visible 3D design helps designers conceptualize their dream home. It creates a realistic view of materials, textures, and colors. A wide selection of views is included as well: daytime, nighttime, framing, doll house, and glass house. These viewpoints help designers to properly assess their design thoroughly.

Another feature is its wide selection of pre-made floor plans, landscapes, and style templates. There are over 5,000 floor designs to choose from, though you can also download editable samples for inspiration. The different layouts provide users various ideas on what their dream home would look like.

One of the many problems that some architects face when designing houses is measurements. Whenever they adjust a portion of a house, they get frustrated about it. That is why Chief Architect Home Designer Pro automatically updates whenever you adjust the roof, framing, and foundation—a very handy feature.

Its stair tool helps you visualize various stair designs. Curve, straight, split stairs, and ramps can be made easily. Customize the tread height, railing style, and stair sections with ease. Automatically creating a stair opening is also part of its features.

Doors and windows can be adjusted and various styles can be made as well. There is a wide selection of possible materials and designs present. This gives users time to think of the many creative designs for their homes.

Creating site plans, landscaping, decks, and patios can be done with Home Designer Pro. With over 3,600 plants including their detailed information, conceptualizing a garden is made easy and fun. An automatic desk framing feature and materials list for estimating are also present.

Besides the exterior of a house, the interior can also be designed. Various furniture and fixtures such as cabinets, lamps, and tables of varying designs, colors, and materials are included to help you conceptualize a beautiful interior. Modeling a countertop made of granite, tile, laminate or some other solid material along with accurate measurements can also be done to create a very aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

Chief Architect Home Designer Professional 2015 is great for designing homes. The number of design possibilities, materials, and measurements makes designing homes fun and easy. With a price tag of $495, it is definitely well worth your money.