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Mac Washing Machine – Mac Cleaner

  • Reclaim space: Lose that unwanted file baggage
  • Get rid of duplicates: Lose those redundant files
  • Get organized: Whip your desktop, dock and files into shape

Intego Washing Machine 2014 for optimum security for your Mac or other products of Apple

Before we begin to see the benefits offered by Intego Washing Machine 2014 we shall have a quick look at Intego and its main focus.

About Intego

Intego, founded in 1997, is the sole company that is focusing on providing optimum security for Macs and other products of Apple. The Internet is made a safer place by Intego for people using Mac and Apple with its wide range of products that protect apart from Macs, the products for iOS devices such as iPhone and the iPad.

With well-designed security programs beginners as well as professionals are able to enjoy optimum protection to their Macs. Intego has received several awards from Mac magazines all over the world for its programs that are known for their high quality and ease of use. And along with the evolving Internet, Intego’s programs too are evolving to keep pace with the changing trends and to assure the best protection always to Mac users to meet their growing needs in the area of security.

Now about Intego Washing Machine 2014

The main aim of Intego Washing Machine 2014 is to bring about a boost to the performance of your Mac by cleaning, organizing and making it much swifter.

Over a period of time with the accumulation of programs that are not used now along with the existence of duplicate files slow down you Mac’s performance. To counter this trend the Washing Machine 2014 is the perfect choice; it gets rid of all the junk helping your MAC to operate more efficiently.

Some of the important tasks handled by Intego Washing Machine 2014

Space reclaiming; it searches for files that are no longer in use and cleans them up from your Mac thus freeing up a lot of space.

Locates duplicates; identifies them and allows the user to decide on which versions need to be removed.

Smart folders created; being a powerful OS tool the Smart Folders enable the users to have swift access to files and applications that are frequently used.

Desktop files cleaned; it moves files existing on the desktop to their appropriate finder folders or sends them to trash.

Dock organized; allows the user to drag the apps most often used or even the least used to or from the dock.

Let us take a look at what is new in this version, Intego Washing Machine 2014

This new update improves the overall stability and supports compatibility issues; it also takes care of a number of other smaller issues.

In the new version you can either add or remove locations for scanning in duplicates.

New Secure Cleaning feature is available from Preferences in the new version.

It supports several languages such as German, Japanese, French, and Spanish.

Intego Washing Machine 2014 has been witnessing a rising trend in popularity among computer professionals and novices alike for the amazing things it can do to protect your Mac, just go for it!