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Intego VirusBarrier 2013: Your Mac and Windows PC Bodyguard

In today’s IT powered world, the business sector is the most vulnerable to hacking attempts precipitated by malware and virus threats.  These attacks become more frequent as hackers and infiltrators become advanced in their tactics too.  Only through constantly updating to the latest antivirus software will you be adequately protected from these threats. Don’t let your business fall prey to these online mischief makers.  Install Intego Virus Barrier 2013 and you will enjoy the following features that will keep your work machines protected from external threats:

  • Frequent automated scans and security updates.  With Virus Barrier 2013, manual security checks are now a thing of the past. Your work team will be able to focus more on your objectives.  They can let the Virus Barrier 2013 perform all the security and protection tasks that you need.
  • Superb Mac protection forged through time.  Intego does not believe in cramming PC protection.  In fact, they have been scaffolding the Mac OS protection since 1997.  Intego highly values customers’ trust and guarantees that every product they offer will not be plain junk in your computer.
  • Exceptional Malware and Virus Protection for Mac, and for Windows PCs too.  Office computers can be highly diverse and may involve the use of both Mac and Windows PCs.  Intego has seen through this fact and initiated partnership with Panda to offer protection to Windows PCs as well. Now, you will be able to work in any computer without any worries of spreading infected files and malware throughout the office network.
  • Simple and convenient interface.  Thanks to the convenient interface of Virus Barrier 2013, you and your colleagues will not be wasting time setting the anti-virus protection up every time the risk runs high. Virus Barrier 2013 offers Mac and Windows PC owners a toggle and configuration system you can easily modify and customize when the need for further protection arises.
  • Protection covers iOS portable devices as well.  iPhones and iPads are not exempt from malware and virus threats. These portable devices are commonly susceptible to every software or data infection. With Intego Virus Barrier 2013, your iOS devices are immediately scanned upon plugging in.  This screens malicious files and safeguards your Mac and Windows computers.