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Intego Family Protector Secure X8

Intego Family Protector Secure X8 Overview

With the latest update to the Intego product line, Intego Family Protector Secure X8 offers a new scalable solution to protect families from the nefarious things online. No matter what you want to control, you can do so, to ensure that your family doesn’t have to deal with illicit activity, images, video and more that can be found within the online lexicon. With the latest updates, you are going to find several features new throughout.

Shield Content

With very easy to use controls, parents can monitor and even control the internet content that comes through browsers in the home. You can update a network or you can have one specific computer blocked from sites that have foul language, explicit images, and more. Shielding children from the wrong things is easy to do with filtered internet content and monitoring in real time.

Family Member Branches

For those that want to give each individual user their own control and passwords, the latest update allows you to branch paths and give every person their own unique experience. You’ll find with the Intego Family Protector Secure X8 update, the personalization goes through various elements, and can be streamlined to be strict or a bit looser.

Internet Time Limit

Control the amount of time that family members use the internet, and make sure that no one is abusing their time. Whether you want to set a short limit or expand it, you gain control over how much internet is consumed in the home with easy to set limits and guidelines that will turn the connection off when warranted.

Virus Protection

Whether you have a Mac or Windows computers you will get state of the art anti-virus, malware protection and much more. With the latest integrative update for Intego Family Protector Secure X8, you will have full scale protection for your family, and data.

Network Performance

The latest update also allows for faster network performance, so that you can ensure that your connection is not stifled amidst protecting media and other elements from coming through. The filtering system is also improved to take up less space and memory from the computer so you will not see slow down at all.

This update is definitely a jump for families that are looking to protect children from seeing the wrong things online. Whether you have a small family or a large one, giving individual users their own credentials is a wise move to control what is seen through the internet. As far as protection, Intego Family Protector Secure X8 is definitely a good option.

Keeping your family and kids safe is your priority. Today you will see many kids spend most of their time online either with chatting with friends or playing games or maybe checking sites that are not of appropriate content. You must keep things clean for your family and yourself.

Being online opens your family to different kinds of threats. There are people who are ready to get into your lives and bring catastrophe in your lives. Right from the content that is destructive, viruses, people with ulterior motives are all on the internet. You will surely love to have a one stop solution for all these potential issues. Would you not love to protect your family and your loved one’s from people who try to intrude into your privacy?

That’s exactly what Intego’s Family Protector Premium does. This software is a one stop solution for all your cyber based threats. It creates a safe and conducive environment for all kinds of users. Kids have different levels of rights and permissions, you as an adult will have different permission levels. The different features in the software fight almost everything that can harm you and your computer.

Here is a list of things that Family Protector Premium does for you:

Blocks objectionable web content:

Kids spend a lot of time on the internet; therefore, the content that is browsed by your kids must be under check. You can have complete control of what your kids are watching and the kind of sites being searched for.  You can block specific keywords, websites and content so that you know your kids are doing the right things behind you. You can create a whitelist that has sites and keywords that can be checked and browsed by your loved ones.

Access restrictions:

You can now customize the level of access one has to the internet. You can have more relaxed rules of access but your kids can get accounts that are highly restricted. As long as the user has no necessary credentials, browsing blocked sites is impossible. Apart from blocking generic sites, you can also block sites based on the history of the user accounts. Based on what is browsed, you can block certain sets of sites that are harmful.

Time restrictions:

You can now make sure your kids are doing what they suppose to do. You can block access to the user accounts based on time of the day. You can install restrictions to specific times of a day or a week. You can also set the maximum of time per day per user.

Chat and email monitoring

You can now watch for chat content that is unhealthy for your kids or others. You can also have chat history of specific user accounts and also set email alerts when you find a breach in the content. The software also can record keystrokes used by the user.

Emails can be also be closely monitored. Any content that does not pass the standard protocols can be blocked.

Finally, a complete solution for all your cyber based needs is here. Family Protector Premium software by Intego is here for all your internet related issues.