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Surfing and sprawling all the possible hidden treasures of the internet has always been my favorite thing when I have the opportunity to do so. And I am also aware that as much as there are beautiful, untapped websites, there are also a lot of those sites that have a devious and obscene content. For some adults, sites which offer gambling and sexual content would come as normal, because they already are in the right age to decide which content to see and which is not. But as a responsible adult, I would not let my kids or younger relatives to see that ugly site of the internet. So if you are with me, then let me introduce to you the program that can help us block those unwanted websites: The Intego ContentBarrier.

ContentBarrier offers some great tools for keeping your kids safe online. It is a parental control software for Mac that helps block websites, words, and other content you worry about as a parent. It has a user-friendly interface which consists two tabs- Activity and Configuration.  The Activity tab allows you to see what your child’s online activity and Configuration tab allows you to filter what your child can do in their next online activities. You can block categories of websites based on the content- Alcohol, Gambling, Sex/Pornography, Racism and other sites that are deemed immoral or illegal. You can also block specific websites and specific keywords.

Moreover, you can control how much time your child can spend online for specific days of the week. When they reach their limit, they will not be able to access anything, in which only you can unblock it. Their social interaction and instant messaging are under your control too, using this program, you can simply block all chats, or you can block specific phrases such as “come alone”, “can I see you”, “are you alone” and others. Other tools such as keystrokes logger and screenshot tool are also available to see if your child has ever attempted to access blocked sites and what they were.

In conclusion, ContentBarrier offers a strong set of tools that can safeguard your child against the dangers that plagues on the internet.