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Instant Immersion – A New Way of Learning Japanese

There are many reasons for learning a new language. It is known that learning a new language stimulates an area of the brain not commonly used, thus leading to a boost in memory and cognition. However, the most common reason for learning a new language is to help a person navigate a foreign country, usually as a tourist or a newly arrived migrant. Learning the local language allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you are currently visiting.

Respectively, there are different languages that you can choose to learn. One of the most interesting and complex is the Japanese Language. Japan has one of the largest economies in the world today. In the Asia Pacific region, Japan is known not just for its product and services, which are imported and traded worldwide, but also for its beauty. As such, many modern opportunities can be found in this country, and yet practices from ancient Japan have been fascinatingly preserved by its people.

One of the ways in which a person can learn the intricacies of the Japanese language is by using the Instant Immersion Japanese software. The program has three levels of learning, in which you will be getting two discs per level. The first level focuses on the basics of the Japanese language, such as plural forms and simple words.

The second level of the Instant Immersion Japanese introduces the phrases, which are commonly used by tourists. The disc also offers practice tests via in-program teachers which people find very helpful.

The last and third level offers harder and more advanced dialogues and phrases. Instant Immersion Japanese also comes with bonus programs, which include an audio disc with transferrable lessons (to portable media devices), a game (which can be played on your TV), and a computer activity that will ask you to solve a mystery using the Japanese language.

In general, Instant Immersion Japanese has several key points and strong attributes. It will help you track your progress using a unique system so you will be able to improve the areas you need help with. The learning regimen can also be customized based on your preference. As mentioned earlier, it is programmed to give eager learners a chance to become fluent in one of the most complex languages in the world – in a way that’s not only fun and engaging, but also undeniably unique and cutting-edge.