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Instant Immersion – Learning Chinese, the Fun and Easy Way

The Chinese language is said to be one of the hardest languages to learn. There are many arguments regarding its limited similarity with the much “easier” European languages, as it has many different aspects such as tone and symbolisms. However, there are many advantages to learning Chinese.

China is among the richest economies in the world today and learning the country’s language will help you understand the Chinese culture, literature, and history (one of the most documented of all Asia, taking as far back as 5,000 years ago). The Chinese language has also been recognized worldwide. China’s ever-increasing influence on the global economy creates a need for more Americans to become proficient in Chinese.

However, do you know that Chinese is the number one spoken language in the world? Yes, that means people speak Chinese more than any other language, including English. Well, if you want to be part of the majority, know that Instant Immersion Chinese will help make learning fun and rewarding.

Before you avail of the software though, these are things you should know:

  1. System Requirements

The system requirements are quite flexible. It will run on any Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS X.

  1. Learn Quickly but Save at the Same Time

The Instant Immersion System is cheaper than most language-learning tools out in the market today. However, do not let the price fool you. It is quick and easy learning made affordable, helping you converse in Chinese with confidence after finishing the required lessons.

  1. Comprehensive Learning made Simple

The first level will teach you the basics of the Chinese language, including words and phrases used every day. You will also get the chance to practice using flashcards and other games; there are also record-and–playback features for pronunciation practice sessions.

The second level contains more complex words and phrases and includes correct pronunciation practice and sample conversations. Again, this also includes practice tests to measure retention.

The last level contains advanced conversation with image association and offers a recordable voice feature program so you will be able to test and double-check your pronunciation with every recording.

Instant Immersion Chinese also boasts of different features, including an advanced recordable voice option. The software also has a colorful game interface and a virtual reality feature that will let you have realistic interactions using the Chinese language. Lastly, you can enjoy Instant Immersion Chinese even if you are on the go, as lessons can be transferred to your portable media device.