Image Line FL Studio has 3 versions:

  • Image Line FL Studio 12 Fruity Edition
  • Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition
  • Image Line FL Studio 12 Signature Edition

Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition

Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition is a music workstation that offers a wide variety of features for audio editing. Moreover, the Lifetime Free Updates feature is useful for people who wish to expand even further.

In the new Fruity Edition, there are a lot of new features from its predecessors that deserve recognition. Performance mode allows the user to trigger playlists using a mouse, typing keyboard, touch screen, or MIDI controller, in which the software supports quite a lot of third-party devices. It supports multi-touch with Microsoft gesture functions. The limit of playlist tracks are now increased to 199, as well, from 99. Links now also avoid conflict between controllers by remembering the MIDI input port used.

Moreover, the Fruity Edition gives the users access to the event automation features and piano roll. This opens up to long and tedious sequencing and arranging. It also supports ReWire and VST, which allows the Image Line FL Studio software to be used as an instrument in other hosts, such as Logic, Cubase, Sonic Solutions, etc. Fruity Edition 11 also includes a variety of synthesizers, which are: Simsynth Live, DX10FM, DrumSynth, BassDrum Synth, and Wasp/WaspXT.

Furthermore, Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition provides 12 performance-grade effects, which are distortion, stereo panning & binaural effect, flanging, lo-fi bit reduction, gating, granulizer, filter (low/high pass), vocal formant, phasing, reverb, ring modulation effects, and delay. The amount of plug-ins is virtually endless, as they provide both improved plug-ins and new plug-ins consistently.

In the simplest sense, the Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition is one of the best digital audio workstations around. It gives the sense that there are more things to come, as it is updated quite frequently with new plug-ins or improved plug-ins. In other words, it’s a gradually improving software product.