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It is a great feeling to be self employed. Having your own business in any form allows you the freedom to do what you want to do in life. However, there is one area that can disturb you and an area that you cannot avoid. You being self employed or if you own rental properties, you attract different taxes to your income. You need a solution that can help you handle the taxes you pay to the federal and state government.

If you are into real estate and you deal with properties or you have rental income coming to you on a monthly basis is included in the self employment section. The income is considered to be a part of self employment. If you are just a real estate dealer and are engaged in buying and selling activities, then the profits made out of the deals are taxable and you must file them in your income tax return files.

H&R Block At Home Premium is a software that is designed to help people like you. People who are self employed or into property businesses, H&R Block is the choice you can make for your income tax filing. It comes with comprehensive solutions for self employed people. The software is designed with self employed people in mind and has all the necessary tools that are needed to get you best benefits and highest refund options possible.

Here are some features that are unique to H&R Block At Home Premium:

Schedule C guidance

Schedule C is a very important federal tax that you must be aware of. Schedule C filers are generally people who are either self employed or are planning to start a business. Understanding the tax form is very important. There are different models of payments and the different rules that govern Schedule C. H&R Block At Home Premium comes with a free guidance to you on how to deal with Schedule C taxes and the best ways to pay them and file the payments to attract refunds.

When you know the rules, it is a lot easier for you to handle the situation. With H&R Block, you have professional consultants to guide you in all the aspects of Schedule C laws and the way you map yourself to ensure you are aware of all the rule and rules and regulations.

Rental income and expense assistance

Once you buy a property, you might find it more profitable to give the home on rent than selling the property. That sounds to be a great idea; however, you must realize that there are taxes for such an income. A lot of people who start a fresh do not know about such taxes and they end up not filing such incomes. This may attract penalties and other charges. The good news is, if you are H&R Block At Home Premium user you get guidance to file rental income and expenses.

Overall, H&R Block At Home Premium is a perfect software solution for self employed and rental property owners.

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