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Howard Leight Deals – Electronic / Folding Earmuff – MAX-1 /Laser Lite Foam Earplugs

  • Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff
  • Howard Leight LL1 Laser Lite Earplugs no Cords (200 ct)
  • Howard Leight LPF-1 Max Lite Uncorded Foam Earplugs Box, 200 Pair

Howard Leight has designed great models of earplugs to keep you safe from those loud noises

I am sure there has been at least one instance in the lives of each one of us when we got exposed to loud noise leaving us terribly annoyed and with an irritating and a nagging headache; at such times earplugs from Howard Leight come as a blessing to muffle the noise to the maximum extent and save our eardrums!

Some of the instances that can expose our eardrums to really loud noise

Have you ever experienced how it is to sit at the back of an aircraft literally next to its engine? You are lucky if you haven’t, but if you have gone through this you will know what a horrifying experience it could be! Initially the noise coming from behind the aircraft may not be so bothersome but going through it for a couple of hours can be really harrowing leaving you with a bad headache. And for those who are highly sensitive to sound it could prove to be a nightmare!

People working in factories where a lot of huge machines are working throughout with a horrible noise also face a similar situation and it is worse for these people, they have to endure it day in and day out and just can’t walk away since this job happens to be their bread and butter.

Now how is Howard Leight going to help?

To protect your ears from the loud noises you need to plug your ears and what better way than with those brought out by Howard Leight that have been rated really high for being most effective in keeping out the noise from bothering you.

Some of the more popular earplugs produced by Howard Leight

Howard Leight Max1 made of polyurethane foam are acknowledged the world’s most used earplugs. They are bell shaped with a well-contoured design and easier to insert, they do not have a tendency to back out from the canal of your ear. They come with orange colored polyurethane foam that is highly visible and is smooth and soft and fits very gently into the ear.

Hearos Ultimate Softness is another of the earplugs brought out by Howard Leight and they have received some really great ratings. With neutral colored foam, they are noted for their super softness, which is suggested in the name itself, and voted the best for high noise reduction rating of 32 decibels. They are suited for all types of noise reduction and for various hearing protection needs.

Ho Howard Leight LPF has bagged several great ratings and continues to be at 5.0 star. These are truly special earplugs and ideal for those who have small ear canals. The low-pressure foam that they are made of expands gently offering a comfortable and a long-term wear. This is contoured in the shape of a ‘T’ and is easy to handle and fits excellently and offers great comfort to the user. This has a very smooth and a soil-resistant skin that prevents the build up of dirt, hence it stays clean for a longer duration and is easier to maintain.

There you are, lots of earplugs from Howard Leight to choose from to keep away from the loud noise from giving you a bad headache!