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Honeywell, a name that springs up at once when you think of humidifiers

Honeywell is a name synonymous with the legendary humidifiers and is a name to reckon with in the heating regulation industry. This is the company responsible for bringing in comfort and health to the air we get to breathe and help to regulate the moisture in our homes.

The advent of Honeywell International Inc

Way back in 1904, a person named Mark Honeywell joined the engineering field with an intention of improving the heat generator design. From plumbing and heating business this company graduated with the help of several mergers and acquisitions and with many innovative ideas and created the automatic thermostat that is still used throughout the world!

During 1957 with another acquisition Honeywell entered the world of security systems alongside working on their heating systems, improving and expanding all the while and their security systems brought them a lot of success.

In 1986 this company in their bid to expand got actively involved in avionics and succeeded in this too. Not resting on their laurels, Honeywell stepped into the maze of computers and created the information system that did quite well for some time, but in 1991 they started moving away from this field.

The present Honeywell International Inc happened after a merger with Allied Signal in 1999 with its consolidated headquarters located in Morristown, New Jersey. Though the Allied Signal is a larger company they chose to retain the name ‘Honeywell’ in their new company since it enjoys superior brand recognition.

Now Honeywell International, Inc., a Fortune 100 company, is a multinational conglomerate company engaged in producing various products in several segments like engineering, aerospace, and a wide variety of consumer products with a large customer base from individuals to the big corporations and governments too.

Few of the popular products of Honeywell

Honeywell has several brands that are recognized globally out of which the most popular are its home thermostats, humidifiers and Garrett turbochargers for their high quality and efficiency. Their basic principle is to maintain healthy and adequately moisturized air that is truly comfortable in all the rooms and this has been the main focus of Honeywell, which kept them on the forefront.

Few of the innovative humidifiers of Honeywell

  • Warm mist humidifier uses a heater in the machine to heat water and convert it to moisture and expel it for adding the right proportion of moisture to the air in the room simultaneously warming it. This can be programmed and has an automatic shut off too.
  • Cool mist humidifier works the same way but minus the heater and offers the same options as the Warm mist humidifier but expels only cool air.
  • Quiet care humidifier apart from creating right moisture in the air also employs an air washing technology by which all impurities in the air within the room are removed by the machine.
  • Honeywell furnace humidifier helps to humidify the air using the air system in the home and does not need a separate machine for adding moisture to the air.

Finally it can be stated that when you think of getting a humidifier for your home the name that at once springs up in your mind is Honeywell for sure!