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Software for Musicians

            The constant improvement in technology bridged the gap between computers and music. During earlier times, musicians composed their pieces using only their skills and sense of hearing. Today, however, musicians are able to use computers to compose, edit, and save their pieces. Computer programs are constantly being created for this specific purpose. Aside from those mentioned above, these computer programs have additional features which musicians can use for their own benefit. Examples of these features include score customization, instrument tuning, and audio playback. All of these features and more can be found in a multi-track editor known as Guitar Pro 6.

Guitar Pro 6 is the 6th iteration of the popular musician’s software known as Guitar Pro. It has all of the latest advancements in technology incorporated into its coding and boasts that it has the most number of features of any music related software. This software will help both professional and amateur musicians thanks to its intuitive user interface. Amateurs are able to display the guitar fret board and the musical score simultaneously so that they could practice the chords and the song at the same time. On the other hand, professionals are able to tune their instruments, edit their scores, adjust their audio, and set up their virtual sound system as they wish. Professionals are also able to share their music by reporting them into a number of formats. These effectively make the program a virtual studio.

In terms of additional features, Guitar Pro 6 also has a diagram generator, scale engine, and tuners for more in depth music generation. A built in metronome as well as an additional playback options would also help in practicing and creating one’s own pieces. The program also has an option wherein other instruments can be played alongside the guitar of the user. This helps in harmonization of the instruments and ultimately in the creation of the musical score.