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Why Choose Graco Baby Products?

When people mention the brand Graco, parents instantly associate it with sturdy products that can be passed on from one child to another. For more than 50 years, the brand boasts a great safety record given the fact that their car seats and other products have passed crash tests before they are released in the market.

If you are a parent looking for baby furniture, you’re most likely to check out a few Graco items. Among the products that Graco is known for are:

  1. Baby Strollers

Created for parents on the go, Graco baby strollers became an instant hit because of its design. Instead of bulky contraptions, the brand offered lightweight and easy to use alternatives. The stroller types and models could be used by newborns up to toddlers. They also offered double or twin strollers for parents who have more than one young child in the family. One of the most popular models is Modes Click Connect, a three-wheeled stroller.

  1. Car Seats

US laws require parents to use car seats when traveling with children or infants, and Graco’s is said to be one of the safest there is. These car seats are sturdy, safe, and secure as evidenced by numerous crash test scenarios. Aside from being available in different colors and designs, Graco car seats, such as the, Graco 4Everâ„¢ 4-in-1 Car Seat, can be used by infants to school-aged children. They were built to support children up to 100 lbs in weight.

  1. Cribs

Parents like the same sturdy but lightweight construction of Graco cribs. One advantage of the Graco brand is that they have a variety of models that are perfect for different ages or stages of a child’s development. For example, there’s the Lauren Convertible Crib, a beautiful white wooden piece that can later become a toddler bed or a day bed when the child comes of age. It can adjust to different heights depending on the baby’s age. Graco also carries a line of playpens that keep children safe and secure.

  1. Swings

Baby swings and soothers are not only meant to entertain a child, it also doubles as a way to get them to sleep or stop crying. Graco’s line up for baby swings are portable and lightweight; something parents can easily fold and carry with them in the car. Among Graco’s popular models is the Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing which features multiple swing speeds to entertain your child. One of the selling points of this line of products is the ultra secure five-point harness.

Apart from these pieces of furniture, Graco also offers doorway jumpers and baby monitors. The Graco brand has been around since 1942. Interestingly, the company originally manufactured car parts and other pieces of machinery. It debuted in the market with the release of its automatic children’s swing in 1982.

Graco’s history and market stability is one of the things that draw customers to its range of products. But more importantly, modern, active parents feel a sense of assurance that their precious bundles are well taken care of when they’re left in a piece of Graco furniture,