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10% Off – Genie Backup Manager Professional 9

The New and Improved Genie Backup Manager Professional 9

Windows users who wish to back their files up easily need look no further than Genie Backup Manager Professional 9. Losing important computer files is something nobody wishes to experience, and this software is a convenient and user-friendly tool for saving all of one’s data quickly, safely and securely.

Genie Backup Manager has the ability to back up one’s files on in a local folder, onto a removable drive, or onto a network drive. Moreover, with the latest version of the program, users may now opt to backup their files in Amazon S3 accounts or FTP servers. These uploaded backups will then be encrypted with complex security codes. As expected, the program has also been made to be highly compatible even with the latest version of Windows, Windows 8. It also uses less RAM and computer resources. And as the cherry-on-top, the entire thing comes with a user-friendly GUI.

And user-friendly may even be an understatement. The “advanced” setup of the GUI already looks very simple; it is further simplified when it is reduced to “basic” mode. Most of the common Windows locations or libraries (e.g. Documents, Downloads, or Music) can be backed up with a single click. Genie Backup Manager also reads program data (e.g. Firefox or Chrome settings) and allows users to back those up as well. How the backing up is done is also under the users’ control; there are different compression options, encryption settings, and the like.

Genie Backup Manager Professional 9 has undergone plenty of improvements from the previous versions. At $39.95, those who want to back up their files easily will definitely want to look into this program.