Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 has updated!

It’s been a long while since the first release of the Garritan Personal Orchestra. And the shift of the software to Kontakt Player 2 in the succeeding years has caused nothing but frustration to its avid users, and perhaps, for Garritan as well. Good thing everything has changed now with its fourth version featuring Aria, Garritan Personal Orchestra’s own playback engine.

The library of the software is made bigger in GPO4, which includes extra bass coming from Project SAM, new ensemble patches, choir and broadened ranges on some sounds.  You’ll also be able to find a different and improved auto legato mode in its newest version.

Garritan Personal Orchestra has about 2GB patches and samples with approximately 150 presets arranged as if it were an orchestra (harps, keyboards, woodwind, brass, strings, choir, percussion, string sections and harps). It provides for ensemble, solo patches and added full sections of orchestra for the strings. All instruments typically found in an orchestra are included, with added extras too, such as pipe organs and grand pianos.

The Aria has a multitimbral design and has 16 instruments with a pan, mute, fader, solo, MIDI channel select, 3-band EQ, micro-tuning, audio output assign and a reverb send in one instrument. It also has a MIDI player with an audio export included.

Garritan Personal Orchestra is arranged in four different pages (settings, effects, controls and mixer) with the keyboard and instruments seen at all times.

It is user friendly with colour coding to be used for keyswitching and has text readouts too. The only things that happen to be missing are the MIDI meters and the audio (though an expected update of the software might just add this one in). MIDI options fluctuate through patches and the CCs are used consistently, so you’ll definitely need to map out your controller to harmonize.