G Data AntiVirus 2015 3 PCs for 1 Year

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G Data Antivirus 2014: Comprehensive Protection for your Computer

Keeping your computer away from numerous threats that bombard the Internet everyday is a hard task. But, if you have a reliable security system like G Data Antivirus, you’ll have a worry-free experience when using your computer.

G Data Antivirus offers comprehensive protection for your computer against all types of malware be it a virus or a trojan. The program also updates itself hourly which keeps all newly created viruses away from your system. For this latest version, it has improved its behavior monitoring mechanism to detect even those unknown threats.

To enjoy online shopping and banking transactions on your computer, G Data Antivirus also improved its BankGuard technology keeping your private data safe from any malicious entities.

One of the obvious improvements in the newly released G Data Antivirus is the user interface making it easier to use even without a software manual. It added AutostartManager as well to accelerates startup making your computer smooth when booting up.

For gamers, this security software is highly recommended too. Not only it provides top of the line protection, it is also known for its high performance antivirus without those annoying pop-ups.

If you have Android-powered smartphones and tablets, the subscription can also be extended to those devices to protect them on any threats that may harm your data. G Data Antivirus makes it possible for you to experience hassle-free surfing whatever devices you’re using to connect to the Internet.

Another great reason to purchase this software is its new G Data CloseGap Technology. This technology maximizes the power of your subscription to fend off online attacks without slowing down your system. Tagged as an “active hybrid protection”,  the technology quickly and efficiently detects any holes on the protection that your computer is getting then closes it immediately to avoid being targeted by viruses.