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Fulcrum Products – Motion Sensor LED Porch / Stick-On Tap / Clip-On Task

Example products:

  • Fulcrum 30010-301 LED Battery-Operated Stick-On Tap Light, Silver, 3 Pack
  • Fulcrum 20010-301 Multi-Flex LED Task Light and Book Light
  • Fulcrum 20031-107 Motion-Sensor LED Porch Light, Bronze

When you have to do something important and you realize that the light level is very low, it can be really frustrating. There is nothing more irritating factor than not being to complete a task. The low light levels can really get you frustrated. With Fulcrum, you can now ease your levels of frustration and enjoy the bright light levels.

Fulcrum uses floodlight technology that is unique and different from any other products you have around you. The products that come to you are very easy to use and are consumer friendly. The products are known for their ease of use. It is very easy to use the products. The installation is very simple. You can easily fix them in your closet or the garage or any other place where you issues with low light levels. You can easily carry the products around as they are easily manageable. You can also install them in your recreational vehicles. You can use the Fulcrum LED lights almost everywhere. The company has the best LED lights and lighting solutions for you.

Wireless LED Lighting Solutions: Differences

The ordinary LEDs that you get at cheap prices, emit highly concentrated beam of light. These LED lights brighten up and illuminate very small areas. Ordinary LEDs also provide very little ambient light. The areas outside the beam remain dark when you use the ordinary LEDs. The ordinary LEDs also emit heat with the light. The heat that is produced causes glare and affects the eyes.

Benefits of LED Floodlight Technology: Fulcrum

Using the Fulcrum’s LED floodlight technology, you will enjoy ultra-wide beam of bright light. The light is glare-free and will not cause eye irritation and will help you see more and better.

The LED Floodlight has a very even and balanced way of illuminating the place. You will have a wide area that is covered with the LED lights that Fulcrum provides. You will be able to see better.

You will never have eye strain or discomfort in your eyes. The LED technology that is used by the company is advanced and it is a smart product that you must buy. The technology is the next generation technology. You will never have to replace the LED once you buy the LED Light.

The LED lights that are manufactured by the company uses only 10% of the energy over the other light bulb products.

Here are some products that Fulcrum has for you:

Fulcrum 20000-400P Jelly Bean LED Tap Light, Set of 3, Red, Blue, Yellow

Using the The Jelly Bean LED Mini Light, you can add color and brightness to the dark areas. The dark areas need illumination and the Jelly Bean LED provides you with the necessary brightness in the dark areas. It is simple to use and very easy to handle.

Fulcrum 20000-400C Jelly Bean LED Tap Light, Set of 3, Pink, Purple, Green

The Jelly Bean LED Mini Light is another great product that you can use to add brightness and glow in the dark corners. You have to use a simple tap on, tap off to get the light activated. You can stick it wherever you need the light and you have a perfect product that you gives you that light.