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Learning Mainland Spanish

Spanish is a Romance language that originated from the Castile region in Spain. There are about 470 million that speak Spanish worldwide, making it the second most spoken language. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Some of the international organizations that use Spanish as their official language are the European Union, the Organization of American States, and the Union of South American Nations.

Spanish is relatively easy to learn. However, there are some people who find it difficult. Henceforth, there have been many language learning assistance programs that have emerged. One of these is Fluenz Spanish.

Fluenz Spanish is one of the top quality language assistance programs in the market. It is a video language learning guide for those who wish to speak and write in Spanish. Its price is $398, but it includes free shipping to anywhere in the United States. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee. The features of this learning program include:

  • DVD-ROM Software – The main course contains 5 DVDs. Each DVD has a video tutor that guides your throughout the course.
  • Audio CD – Five audio CDs are also included. Each audio CD matches the corresponding DVD course. Even when travelling in a vehicle you can still practice Spanish. The files can also be copied on your iPod or MP3 player.
  • Fluenz Navigator – A pocket-sized reference guide with critical words and phrases that you will need

Like most products, there are various pros and cons of Fluenz Spanish.


  • Explanations are clear – A video tutor that explains important details and proper grammar is advantageous.
  • Real world Spanish is taught – The problem with most language learning programs is that the lessons taught are not so practical and have very little significance. This language learning program, on the other hand, teaches Spanish words and phrases that you can actually use in everyday conversation.
  • Lesson plans are structured – Most language learning programs place too much emphasis on immersive learning and thus lack proper structure. Fluenz Spanish, on the other hand, teaches specific points about Spanish. This will give you a deeper understanding of how it really works.
  • Design – The software of Fluenz Spanish doesn’t just look great, but is very intuitive as well. It comes with tutorials, FAQs, and a reference guide.


  • Cost – This program is a bit pricey. However, it is guaranteed to be well worth the price since you will be able to learn and understand Spanish better.
  • Video Size – The video size cannot be adjusted. If you have a 28-inch screen, you won’t be able to see the black space around it.

As far as learning Spanish goes, this language learning program is a sure way to learn it properly. Since most programs only focus on words and phrases, Fluenz Spanish makes you speak Spanish in a more practical and realistic manner—a real world application of the Spanish language.