Fluenz Spanish (Latin America)

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Interesting Facts about Fluenz Spanish (Latin America)

Learning a new language such as Spanish can be fun but quite challenging to all people because it requires a lot of patience and a trustworthy tool to be able to read and speak Spanish. In this high-tech era and fast-paced environment, many Spanish computer programs have been created to study the language without having to go to school and to learn it on a person’s own pace and time.

One of the most talked about language programs available today is the Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) which gives a learner a comprehensive overview of how Spanish is used in Latin American countries. It has been regarded by most Spanish learners as one of the best tools and easiest to use.

Many may have not heard of this tool and so here are some interesting facts about it.

Get to meet Sonia Gil. One of the great features of this program is the presence of a course guide who provides intensive explanation and proper pronunciation and use of corresponding words in English as well as learning tips and tricks. With an online tutor, every lesson becomes highly interactive thus ensuring that every Spanish word is remembered.

It has different course levels. Whether a person is a beginner or he is relearning Spanish, this is an excellent program to start becoming fluent in Spanish. There are 5 levels that take a person to a comprehensive learning experience; from basic words and phrases, correct grammar to becoming a skilled Spanish speaker.

There are supplemental tools included. This program does not only give learners the course lessons but also provides them with an Audio CD and exclusive podcasts that they can use whenever they are on the go. They will also be provided with the Fluenz Navigator, a reference guide book for commonly used Spanish words and phrases.