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Fluenz is a company that produces e-learning programs to better acclimate users toward foreign languages on their path to fluency. Fluenz Mandarin is one of their endeavors in order to make Mandarin Chinese available to interested learners. Through one-on-one tutorials, users can experience Fluenz’s tested teaching methods.

Fluenz Mandarin has Yi Wei and Sonia Gil as on-screen tutors. Yi Wei is a native speaker of the language; she grew up in Chicago, and this has resulted to her mastery of both Mandarin and English. She also attended Harvard.  Sonia Gil learned Mandarin in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Based on her first-hand experience, Gil offers users the most effective methods in learning Mandarin.

With Mandarin, the subtleties are important. Fluenz Mandarin offers insight into the four tone system and sentence structures in each two and a half hour session. When the user starts a session, they are given an introduction to Mandarin with cultural context on its country of origin as well as its everyday use. The user is then presented with a conversation between native users in order to see and hear the language as it is applied. The conversation is succeeded by a one-on-one tutorial offering explanations of every word and structure paired with strategies and insights to give the user a better grasp of the language. Workouts then test the user’s knowledge with an increasing level of challenge to see how well they read, write, speak, and listen. The session ends with the tutors offering words of encouragement to drive the user to learn.

Fluenz was founded in 2007 to provide a new means of learning for individuals interested in foreign languages. This small group of people utilizes the artisan approach so every program they produce is the result of a detail-oriented vision that aims to keep a dialogue with users in order to ensure customer satisfaction.