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Fluenz, a small Miami Beach-based company concentrated on producing e-learning programs to teach foreign languages, has expended their selection with Fluenz Italian. Fluenz Italian aims to make the Italian language accessible to users with Fluenz’s method of tutoring through digital content.

Fluenz Italian features Sonia Gil, founder of Fluenz, as a tutor. Gil highlights Italian culture in order to help the user gain a deeper understanding of the country where the language hails from. With this extra cultural dimension, Fluenz Italian offers a new content that other language programs don’t offer. This program was designed using actual experiences of the Fluenz team while studying Italian in Rome.

Each Fluenz Italian session is one-on-one and lasts about two and a half hours. These sessions begin with an introduction to provide cultural context for everyday Italian. A realistic conversation between two native speakers follows in order to present the words and structures to be learned as they are applied. The user then undergoes a one-on-one tutorial offering explanations alongside strategies and helpful insights. Knowledge of the language is then tested through workouts that touch on reading, writing, speaking and listening. This enables the user to reinforce and expand communication at the same time. On a final note, a conclusion is presented with inspirational words from the tutor.

Fluenz was founded in 2007 by Sonia Gil with the aim to offer users an innovative way to learn new language. This small Miami Beach-based company with offices in Spain and Latin America employs the artisan-tradition and creates programs with a detail-oriented mindset. Dialogue is maintained with users to attain valuable input. Using one-on-one coaching in tandem with advances in e-learning, Fluenz aims to stand out from its competitors by offering a different type of language learning method that’s both effective and engaging to the user.