Fluenz is a small company focused on producing e-learning programs for teaching foreign languages. With Fluenz German, they have released a program to bring the German language to their users.

Fluenz German features Nora Naatz, a German native, as a tutor. Naatz guides users with Fluenz’s strategy of teaching adults utilizing a method that doesn’t employ the child-oriented approach of matching pictures to words. Instead, users are given cultural context and anecdotes paired with explanations of how the language works. Fluenz German places an emphasis on focus and practice driven by explanations.

When users access a Fluenz German session, they will first be presented an introduction to showcase cultural context through everyday situations. Following this introduction, users will then be shown a realistic conversation between two native speakers to present a cornerstone for the lesson. A one-on-one tutorial immediately follows the conversation. This tutorial showcases more than just explanations by also offering strategies, tactics and personal experiences to offer insight into the language. After the tutorial, the user is subjected to over a dozen workouts on reading, writing, speaking, and listening to ensure progress and understanding. Sessions conclude with inspirational words from the tutor to encourage learning.

In 2007, Sonia Gil founded Fluenz to present a new way to learn languages via e-learning. This small Miami-beach company considers one-on-one coaching paired as an ideal model for teaching especially when placed in the medium of digital content. Aside from their home base in Miami, they also have offices in Spain and Latin America. Due to its small size, Fluenz has a lack of bureaucracy and focuses on product improvement on a day to day basis.  Fluenz practices the artisan tradition which gives their users products resulting from work that is detail-oriented, well-crafted and honed by time. They also make certain to keep an open dialogue with their users.