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Fluenz, a small Miami-beach based company pioneered by a group of people who aim to diversify language learning programs, has released Fluenz French. This program provides an expertly crafted method in helping to learn French as efficiently as possible.

With this program, users will be taken step-by-step through the French language via a teaching method geared toward adults. It takes a different approach to learning that doesn’t use the approach of matching words to pictures since that is better suited to children.

In teaching languages, Fluenz sets itself apart from competitors by saying that learning a new language is not “easy” or “natural.” Instead, they face the challenge head-on by supplying helpful strategies and tips via Fluenz tutors.

Fluenz French sessions begin with an introduction to help the user become acclimated to the material. It also provides cultural context and aids in better understanding French in everyday use. Users are then shown a realistic conversation between two native French speakers to showcase an application of the lessons in order to provide the best possible example right from the start. Following this conversation, the user will then participate in a one-on-one tutorial that offers explanations as well as strategies, tactics and personal experiences. The user’s knowledge is then tested with workouts covering reading, writing, speaking, and listening. At the end of the session, a conclusion is provided to adequately bookend the learning experience.

Fluenz was founded in 2007 by Sonia Gil.  It is a small company composed of people with the goal to teach language in new ways through e-learning that employs simple, common sense solutions. They follow the artisan tradition in crafting their programs thus ensuring attention to detail and dialogue with users. Being a small company, there’s a lack of bureaucracy so product improvement is always at the forefront. Though they are based in Miami, they also have offices in Latin America and Spain.