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FlexiPanels CSS For Dreamweaver

FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver is an application that has the capability to help you create different kinds table less HTML code. You  can easily create table-less HTML code for all your HTML based projects. You can give a nice looking design to the side panels, menu containers or any content zones. You can easily create gradient backgrounds and rounded corners and apply them to your project. You have a lot of flexibility to use the software. You can start with a layout picture from your existing designer or you can also use the 30 ready-made panels. Whatever  you choose, the software creates the standard compliant DIVs and CSS ready layouts that are set to be implemented in your site. All these things happen without writing manual code.

Here are some features of FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver:

Table-less design

FlexiPanels CSS has the ability to create flexible DIVs and CSS structures that allow you to work with your layouts. You can do a lot addition to your side panels, the menu containers, and the content zones effortlessly. Writing a code may not be a possibility for everyone. You need to be proficient in programming to write HTML codes and you must have in-depth programing knowledge to do a good job. However,by using the software, you can do all the complicated task with ease.

Multitude of choices

When you want to design something, you need choices. The more choice you have, the better you can design. Considering the need for designs, the FlexiPanels CSS has many options or you.  You can choose to use the ready made panels that are available in the software or you also can choose to create your own. If you choose to use the ready made panels, you have a lot of options that you can explore. You have 30 predefined panels that are designed professionally. You get ready made panels that are ready to be used. The predefined panels are very easy to use. You simply can select the panel from the large gallery and apply the panel to your HTML project. Without the need for complicated processes, you can create excellent sites with the help of the ready made templates. It is easy and simple to design a site with the help of the software. You can export the necessary images using the FlexiSlicer. The tool helps you to get the necessary images that you want to use in the CSS. Using the ready made tools, you can easily insert content to your website. You can adjust the panel elements to fit your content and also maintain the design of the site. You can use the software to design high quality web pages with a professional touch.

Create your own

Apart from the ready made panels, the FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver has a lot of powerful options that allow you to create your own designs. You can put your creative side into play and design custom made panels for your site. The software is flexible with excellent tools to help you design amazing web pages.