Finale PrintMusic 2014

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MakeMusic Releases New Version of Finale PrintMusic. Finale PrintMusic is the affordable way to make music notation that looks and sounds great

Up for Some Music writing? Final Print Music 2011 is the Software You Need

Finale PrintMusic 2011 is a software that offers all the possible features there is in a music writing package. It has a guitar tablature, percussion notation and a diagram creator for guitar chords. These features are the same features that you get on a music writing package used by the pros that’s sold at an unreasonably hefty price.

Finale PrintMusic 2011 has a MicNotator as well, which allows instrumental music played via a microphone to be transcribed. Though before transcription there are a few requirements to note, such as: the instruments should be playing only one note, has to maintain a steady pitch and must have no chords. This is a fairly good idea, but until you play your instrument in a flawless manner, you might have to deal with a lot of editing with the notation in MicNotator.

Other Advantages of the Product

Easy Use

The software is incorporated with remarkable sets of editing palettes and note entry that’s very easy to use; you might find yourself composing music most of the time. Every tool on each palette has corresponding tooltips that will automatically activate once you hover your cursor on it. The descriptions in these tool tips likewise save time by not letting you go over a manual, search for online help or complete long tutorials.

Feature Set

Finale PrintMusic 2011 also allows you to key in notes via your computer keyboard. As most notation programs require, in PrintMusic, there’s no need for external MIDI equipment. Simply press Caps Lock and your keyboard will turn into a tool for entering notes.


The tool palettes and context menus provides an abundance of editing tools as well. All you got to do is place your cursor to the area you’d like to edit and right click. A context menu would consequently appear containing options for transposing notes, how to change the clef, altering time signatures, editing measures, copying and pasting etc.