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Sharing Database Files Safely and Securely with FileMaker Server

FileMaker Server makes it possible to share database files through the internet or on a network to more than nine users.  The newest addition to the FileMaker Server series, this software server is not only very easy to install and use.  It’s also reliable and secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So what’s new with the latest addition to the FileMaker Server series?

Aside from its other features such as its industry standard security and custom web publishing in PHP and XML format, the newest addition to the FileMaker Server series has a new and improved WAN performance which allows users to quickly find and open database files 40% faster.

It’s now also a 64-bit application, which means it runs even faster and more efficiently than its predecessors.

The new FileMaker Server also has a more stable architecture, with its improved database server.  With the new FileMaker Server, the ODBC, scripts and plug-ins, as well as Progressive Backups now run together as separate processes.  So if one of the processes should stop or fail, the server will continue to run and serve data as expected.

And speaking of backups, the new FileMaker Server’s backup feature has become even more efficient.  Once a user has made a baseline backup, only database files which have been modified are backed up again.  And with its Progressive Backup feature, only those bits which have been changed are saved.  Users can choose to run a Progressive Backup every 99 minutes.  So even if they accidentally deleted a data, they can still recover it from the most recent backup point.

And with its re-architected structure, web publishing has never been this easy.  FileMaker Pro users don’t have to worry about lags when processing multiple data requests thanks to its efficient memory processing.