FileMaker Pro is simply powerful software used to create custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

Easily build your own custom app to meet the unique – and changing – needs of your business. Or for inspiration, explore the built-in Starter Solutions for managing contacts, inventory, content, and more.

Articles about the previous versions of FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro 12:  Creating and Sharing Database Made Even Easier

The latest addition to the FileMaker Pro family, the FileMaker Pro 12 combines all the great features from its predecessors with a few more goodies added into the mix.

So what’s in store with the latest addition to the FileMaker Pro series?

For starters, it lets users connect to up to nine users simultaneously.  But if a user wants to connect to more than that, he or she can also purchase the FileMaker Server 12, which allows up to 250 users to access and manage the database files you uploaded.  It doesn’t matter if the user is accessing the database files on his or her iPhone, iPad or desktop computer.

It also comes with a redesigned Starter Solutions feature, wherein one can create and manage projects easily with templates for different purposes, such as contact lists, invoices, projects and a whole lot more.  These templates are customized for viewing and managing from a desktop PC, an iPhone and an iPad.

This FileMaker Pro has an improved container field feature which boosts database performance and makes it even easier to use.  With its drag and drop feature, users can now easily add documents, photos, music and videos into the container fields a whole lot faster.  No need to go through a great deal of menus to do that.  It’s also made even more secure with container fields individually encrypted with AES-128.

Reports are now even easier to make.  This version of FileMaker Pro not only has the FileMaker charts feature which allows one to create and customize reports.  It also has a Quick Charts feature, wherein a user can create charts in just a few clicks.  All he or she need to do is sort out his or her data accordingly, then click the Quick Charts feature.  Charts come alive in a few minutes.

These features are only the tip of the iceberg of this wonderful database software.  There’s certainly a lot more to discover with this database software to make creating reports and databases a whole lot easier than ever.