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Tracing back a family’s roots is not as simple as connecting the dots and linking who’s married to whom and which children belong to them. This activity certainly requires a lot of digging old photos and memorabilia, scanning huge filing cabinets in public offices for records, and even listening to long stories from the people of the past who have lived long enough to see the exciting age of modern technology. Family Tree Maker Platinum takes the word ‘tedious’ away from manually tracing a family lineage by harnessing the powers of technology and the Internet, putting research resources right at your fingertips.

Family Tree Maker Platinum provides users with a fast and easy way to establish their genealogy through a family tree software and a six-month subscription to, which contains an astounding database of over five billion US records, ranging from marriage records, military records, immigration documents, news clips, census data, photographs, and even other family lineages.

Family Tree Maker Platinum is a software that can be used both online and offline. The program allows users to use the PC to organize their very own family tree and keep it privately. Family Tree Maker Platinum is also equipped with features that allow users to add documents, photos, and even multimedia content such as videos and audio files into the family tree. Users can also create a slideshow of their family tree, publish it, and even share it to friends and other family members through Family Tree Maker Platinum’s multiple sharing options.

Family Tree Maker Platinum can be purchased either by downloading the complete package at or by buying the CD package. The software also comes with a DVD compilation of six reference books about family histories which can also serve as research references in a quest to find out more about family connections and interrelated genealogies. The Family Tree Maker Platinum software package also comes with the Photo Explosion Album that allows users to edit and enhance photographs using a few retouching and adjustment tools. The package also includes an extra copy of the Family Tree Maker Platinum software that users can share with other family members or friends.

With a new user interface that’s more simple and easy to use, users can get the Family Tree Maker Platinum up and running quickly, without the hassle. The new edition also has updated versions of the help section, along with a couple of helpful tutorials that can make your Family Tree Maker Platinum experience an enjoyable one.