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Exploring the roots of your ancestry manually can be a very daunting task, and it can take you years to build up and connect the branches of your family tree, not to mention the painstaking task of having to scour for public records all over the country just to establish a fairly accurate exhibit of your family connections. With growing developments in technology, it’s not surprising how most of the tedious work is now done completely through computers and a quick access to the Internet. When it comes to researching and tracing back family lineages, nothing beats Family Tree Maker Deluxe in bringing all your family tree building needs into your computer.

Family Tree Maker Deluxe is a software program that’s packed with a lot of features and bonus tools that puts the power of establishing your genealogy down to your fingertips. Its enhanced interface makes it easy for new users to get quickly acquainted with the program and start organizing family files and building family trees in a quick and easy way. The family trees that you have created through the Family Tree Maker Deluxe can be saved privately on your computer and can be accessed at ease when you have to make some adjustments or add new content. Family Tree Maker Deluxe comes with a three-month membership subscription at, and this gives you the privilege to access a large online database containing over 5 million US records of census data, marriage contracts, military certificates, immigration documents, and even photo and news archives from all over the country.

The Family Tree Maker Deluxe program also allows you to spice up your family tree by adding memorable photos and supporting documents on your family tree. The interface even allows you to add multimedia files such as audio clips and video files so that friends and family members can enjoy looking at your family tree and recounting the memories as they happen. Add more information and notes to your family tree with Family Tree Maker Deluxe’s integrated text boxes and generation labels. You can even expand your family tree by interconnecting it with other family trees from other family members such as adoptees and step families. Family Tree Maker Deluxe also enables you to publish your very own family tree and share it proudly with other people.

Family Tree Maker Deluxe provides a quick and easy way to synchronize your family tree with others at, and TreeSync™ allows you to update your family tree and share it through the Internet.