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Family Tree Heritage makes it easy to discover your family history, build your family tree, and share your family story. You’ll have FREE access to over 14 billion historical records, photos, news stories, and documents.*

Articles about the old versions of Family Tree Heritage Platinum

The exciting features inculcated in the Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9

The upgraded Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9 offers a host of exciting new features that genealogists find most appealing, but before getting to learn of these features maybe we should look into the basic features offered by Family Tree Heritage Platinum and what this is all about.

Best way to share your family story

Each family is unique in its own way and has so many beautiful and nostalgic moments that the members would love to share between themselves and what better way than Family Tree Heritage Platinum? This makes it really simple to build a family tree to preserve your family heritage for the future generations to help them learn of the incredible tales from the past relating to your family members. It helps you to search billions of records and that too absolutely free using Family Search.

The Family Search database is updated with all the records worldwide and getting access to the billions of records is just a click away! You can have all of your ancestors’ records and a whole lot of interesting information about them in a jiffy with the help of the seamless search options available.

Some of the great features offered by Family Tree Heritage Platinum

You can be sure that no other genealogy software gives you more information about your ancestors than the Family Tree Heritage Platinum!

You can search for free without having to pay any subscriptions

Ancestry.com can be accessed directly from the Family Tree Heritage

Offers seamless search of several genealogy sites such as RootsWeb, WorldVitalRecords.com, Mamma Search, Ancestry.com, etc.

An interface that is fully integrated for managing records and creating your family tree in truly easy steps.

No other genealogy software is as swift or as simple as Family Tree Heritage Platinum; for researching your ancestors all you need to do is enter your family names and highlight an ancestor and there you are with all relative information!

Special features of the upgraded Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9

The research timeline is a new interactive tool added to this software that allows you to look into the important events that occurred during the life of your ancestors. This tool helps you with clues to assist your research on your family members. One can add their special events too!

Color coding is another interesting feature of Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9 that has a filing system based on four colors and has gained a lot of popularity among the genealogists; this allows you to add background colors to the name boxes and this color coding gets displayed on the various screens and also in the reports.

Another popular feature of the upgraded FTH Platinum 9, the tags, allows you to create your own set of Tags and you can assign up to three tags per individual in your database.

The fan chart too got better with the upgraded version; you can now generate a four-color Fan chart. This version also allows you to include siblings in the first generation of the chart.

Million thanks to the Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9, you can now publish your Family Book filled with unique tales of your ancestors or create a scrapbook with vintage pictures, clips both audio and video of all the memorable events and leave behind an invaluable legacy for the future generations.