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  • 28% Off – Evriholder The Original Magic Holder 5-Position Wall Organizer
  • 3% Off – Wall-Mounted Tool Rack/Broom and Mop Holder
  • 15% Off – Magic Holder Broom & Mop Organizer
  • 57% Off – Cord Clipper-Cord and Cable Organizer
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The tremendous growth of Evriholder from a simple idea catapulted on to a global platform

Evriholder Products, LLC was founded in the year 1995 by Gary Seehoff, Abraham Sacks and Ivan Stein and is a family owned business. An idea born to manufacture and market a small line of tie and belt organizers soon grew into a booming business. The first product developed and patented by Gary and Abe in their spare time, the tie and belt organizer, was launched successfully and this spurred the newly formed company to design its own products, which soon found their way into the global markets.

The Company in no time has developed relationships with potential investors and product developers placed all over the world. As new products got added at a tremendous rate Evriholder’s product line grew by leaps and bounds and now these products can be found in almost all of the supermarkets, drug stores, specialty stores, hardware stores, retail merchants not only in the US and Canada but overseas too, and with online trade flourishing like never before, today you will be able to find numerous online retailers selling these products across all countries unrestricted by geographical boundaries.

What is the specialty of Evriholder products?

Though born out of a simple idea to manufacture neck ties and belts organizer, it quickly grew to unbelievable heights with a fantastic range of products that are both innovative and highly functional. All of these products are intelligent and add so much fun to our repetitive and boring daily chores.

These products make your life so much more organized and simplify your tasks bringing a smile on your face. These products help to unclutter your space in the house making life much easier for you.

It is the never-ending endeavor of Evriholder to continue to bring innovative and unique products to retailers across the globe. It is surprising to note that the products marketed by Evriholder represent things you never thought you needed but once you have brought them home you wonder how you have ever managed till then without them, they become an indispensable part of your life!

Evriholder tirelessly strives to bring unique products with stylish designs and super functionality born out of fresh ideas at prices that are so affordable. Their motto is to make life easier for you and to place a smile on your face.

You will be surprised to learn that Evriholder brings out around 30 to 50 new products every year!

Some of the popular products produced by Evriholder

Evriholder’s product development lays stress on household, storage, kitchen, organization, bath and personal care, and cleaning categories. All of them are designed to reduce clutter in the house and simplify your life.

The long handle tool holders such as the amazing Magic Holder, Store N Slide, Hang N Hide, a folding clothes airer are all products of Evriholder than can be found in almost all of the houses in the US and other countries. The other products such as the jar opener, Easy Twist, and the cable management device, the Cable Zipper, have become very popular for uncluttering your day.

Evriholder adds unique solutions to everyday problems and changes mundane routine tasks to fun jobs with their multitude of innovative items that you would simply love to use!