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ESET Mobile Security with Proactive Anti-Theft

ESET Mobile Security for Android, the most unusual security app with truly remarkable features

With the emerging and ever increasing threats to your Android smartphone you do need to keep your data in the phone or tablet safe from prying eyes and what better way than trust ESET Mobile Security for Android. With its remarkable design and its anti-theft scheme which is truly unique and unusual, this sure stands apart from the other various security applications available in the market today.

About ESET Mobile Security for Android

This unusual security app is well designed and very easy to understand how each of its features can be used. It offers a clean intuitive design with great anti-theft features with excellent malware detection. It offers remote control via SMS commands, now don’t you think that’s truly smart? It comes with a secure lock screen feature too. ESET Mobile Security for Android comes with an award-winning antivirus technology and a world proven anti-theft technology to protect your Android smartphone.

Some of the drawbacks faced by ESET Mobile Security for Android

SMS blocking feature does not work on some devices and some configurations

There is no Web portal for anti theft features

Advantages of using ESET Mobile Security for Android

You can now use your mobile without worrying about the various threats and you can stay secure while doing internet banking, online shopping, emailing, or connecting to public Wi-Fi.

All of your confidential and sensitive data is kept safe and you are offered protection against the malware hidden in applications.

The Anti-theft feature helps you to locate your device if lost or block access in case it is stolen.

Main Anti-theft features

  • Simple SMS command that helps you to locate and maintain control over your misplaced or stolen device
  • You can lock your phone remotely via SMS to avoid unauthorized access to your data
  • Remote WIPE enables you to delete contacts, messages and memory cards

Some of the other features

  • Scans all downloaded and accessed apps and files for malware
  • Blocks SMS/MMS messages received from unknown numbers
  • Blocks incoming and outgoing calls that are unwanted
  • Monitors vital phone functions such as battery life, free disk space, Bluetooth and device visibility, and running processes

What users have to say about ESET Mobile Security for Android

Several users find ESET to be the best security available for their Android since it is very light and quietly does its job in the background saving you from those oh, so annoying emails, notifications and other updates along with all the warnings from infected apps

Most users love this mobile app that is clean and light and would vouch for it within just days of using it.

On the whole the Anti-virus, and Anti-phishing protection along with the Anti-theft and Call Filter features offered with ESET Mobile Security for Android has proven to be truly wonderful and users are so happy with it and would recommend it to all of you Android smartphone owners; you surely have to use it to believe in its awesome features!