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New Multi-Device Security-Home Office bundle – Mix-and-match virus protection for your multi-device home or small office and stay protected on all desktops, mobile phones and tablet devices.

ESET Multi-Device Security

  • Easily secure all your devices

Protect your family’s Windows, Mac and Android computers, smartphones and tablets using one license.

  • Stay safe on social media sites

Extend your security to Facebook and Twitter. Scan for malicious links, see what information is visible to the public and determine which apps can access your private data.

  • Protection from the unknown

Get powerful antivirus and antispyware for protection against targeted attacks. Thoroughly scan all downloaded files, emails and apps.

  • Keep your private data safe

Protect your online identity from cyber criminals by keeping your laptop invisible on public Wi-Fi. Block fake websites from acquiring personal information with Anti-Phishing.

  • Protect your family on the Internet

Shield your kids from exposure to potentially offensive content by blocking more than 20 website categories. Control incoming and outgoing calls to keep children’s phone usage and your bills in check. Educate your family with complimentary ESET Cybersecurity Training.

  • Track and locate your missing device

Locate your missing laptop, tablet or smartphone on a map. Monitor and document any unusual activity taking place or send a message to the finder so you can help recover it faster.

Virus Bulletin award: 10-year consecutive string of VB100 awards for detecting all in-the-wild viruses.

PCMag -Readers voted ESET as the best antivirus software company

Latest devices come to you with fully loaded with capabilities that allow you to make your life better and faster. However, these fully loaded devices are also capable of bringing home viruses that can bring devastating effect in your life. Protecting your computers, laptops, tablets and Smartphones are of great importance in the modern world. These gadgets make your life easy and fun, but they are also capable of being the vehicles for those intruders who are looking to sneak into your personal life. The ESET Family Security Pack is the perfect solution for securing your devices and allowing them to make your life better. The ESET Unlicensed System comes to you with options of mixing your devices and installing protection for them.

ESET Family Security Pack comes with a computer security and Smartphone and tablet security options. Here are a few things that ESET can do to protect your computer and other devices.

Computer security: The essentials to secure your family

Protect your family

Controlling your kids from inappropriate content is a great challenge. There are sites that spread hatred in many forms. There are sites that show content that is dangerous to your kids’ life. With ESET Family Security Pack you can completely block all inappropriate websites and give a healthy online environment to your children. You are trained on cyber security when you buy ESET Family and you are given guidelines to protect your family from all forms of cyber threats. You can make sure you keep your kids are away from scammers and hackers. Kids can be vulnerable to people who are posing to be friends and in reality are spy’s. By using parental control, you can totally keep your kids far from people who are looking to enter your private space.

Secure your computer

Today, computers are the sources of all your personal data. If one can access your computer, he or she can get a complete hold of your private life. You store all your private information in the computer as it is the best place to store files. The ESET Family Security Pack has strong features that protect your computer from intruders. The powerful Anti-Theft features allows you to find your lost devices and also allows you to block your files from any third party access. Identifying the person who possesses your devices is also made possible with the Anti-Theft features present in the ESET software.

Protect your online identity

There are too many people out there who are trying to hack into your personal online identity. You have to protect your personal identity online, else it can cost your life in some cases. ESET  has powerful firewalls, and Anti-Phishing security features that protect from all forms of identity threats.

Smartphone and tablet security

Secure your communication

You now can completely control your incoming and outgoing calls with the ESET Family Security Pack. You can have a list of trustworthy contacts and allow only those contacts to connect to contact you and block others from trying to connect to you. You can block all unknown messages and numbers and keep your life secure.

Tracking your devices

Anti-Theft features give you complete control of your devices and also allow you to remotely lock your devices in case you lose them. ESET is a perfect solution for a wonderful family like yours. Enjoy great security with The ESET Family Security Pack.