eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method

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eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method is a new way to teach yourself how to gain a greater command over the keyboard. Also, it is considered to be an effective new methodology for teachers to use for their students. It emphasizes on the student’s rhythm and ear training, as well as reading music.

The software includes over 300 detailed music lessons, which are beneficial for both beginner pianists to well-learned students. Moreover, it comes with step-by-step lessons presented in over 70 video demonstrations by the distinguished Julliard School of Music instructor, Irma Irene Justicia. It’s the perfect software for people who take music and piano seriously, as well as for people who want to learn starting from the basics. The lessons are well-written and well-explained, so the student won’t find it too complicated or tedious. To put it simply, it’s fast-paced enough to keep the student’s attention on the lessons well. Also, a glossary is provided to clear up any unfamiliar musical term that the user might encounter.

Furthermore, instant feedback about the user’s playing will be displayed almost instantly. It supports both electric and acoustic pianos, which can be configured in the software, and will receive the performance of the user through the computer’s microphone or through a keyboard MIDI interface.

The software’s interface is simple and intuitive; in other words, it’s easy to navigate through it. Not to mention that Irma Irene Justicia provides a well-explained overview of the product’s entirety. Furthermore, the application is exceptionally interactive, which makes the lessons easier to remember. The daily practice provided for the students are also concise and straight to the point.

To put it simply, this software is designed for beginners and older students. Due to its possible interactions and wording of the lessons, it reinforces the student’s retention for each lesson. This is the perfect ‘teach-yourself-piano’ application.