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Electric Quilt 7 an amazing quilt design software voted the best in the industry

Electric Quilt 7 has been voted the industry’s best software for quilt design that enables you to design your own quilts. You can now audition your own stock of personal fabric, your designs for embroidery and quilts and many more.

More about Electric Quilt 7

Ultimate quilting software so far, Electric Quilt 7, a product of Electric Quilt Company, is known for being most user-friendly and provides everything necessary in the art of quilting at your fingertips. A comprehensive Reference Manual along with 25 quick and simple lessons and 10 great videos teach you all that there is to know in this art of quilting, which are truly easy to follow and learn.

Known as a mature and powerful program for quilt design, EQ 7 offers great training tutorials that make it very easy for you to use. It enables the users to try unique design ideas and make alterations if desired and wherever required. With a large library of built-in block designs it is not necessary for the users to make their own blocks. But if someone wishes to have his or her own blocks the block worktable offers perfect accommodation to let you create your unique patterns letting your imagination fly high. Apart from a design library it also offers a huge library of fabrics. These well-equipped libraries enable you to paint your blocks with actual fabric other than just coloring them. You also have an option to enter pictures of your own fabric in the library.

Modifying your quilt design is a breeze with Electric Quilt 7; it provides several useful tools for rotating or flipping blocks, auto filling the quilt with blocks or filling alternate blocks with a similar design. The symmetry tool is truly an amazing one and enables rotating all of the blocks in the quilt in a symmetrical manner. And this program allows you to keep all of the variations of every single quilt design by adding them to the sketchbook and all of them are available to be brought out later when needed.

If you have a license for this product you will be able to activate it on two computers simultaneously. With Internet access you will be able to deactivate one while activating another computer; the software can be installed on all of the computers in the house but you will be able to activate only two of them at a time.

System requirements for Electric Quilt 7

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Internet access necessary for activation and deactivation and validations periodically

CD-ROM drive

Available space of 750 MB on the hard disk

Recommended system requirements for Electric Quilt 7

Adobe Reader

Sound card for demo videos

A monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater

Information for activation of the program

For activation, deactivation and periodic validations Internet access is absolutely necessary

Unlimited installations

Two computers can be activated simultaneously

Easy transfer of activations between computers is possible