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Easy Spanish Platinum makes you fluent in this language in no time!

If you want to learn Spanish there is nothing designed better than the Easy Spanish Platinum, which is a highly interactive learning system developed by the university language experts that enable you to learn easily and quickly. This system includes progressive learning lessons, immersion learning, and speech recognition technology to help you build your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation of Spanish. Soon you will be able to have real conversations with confidence in this wonderful language.

Why would one want to learn Spanish ?

Those planning on a vacation with family to this lovely place, Spain, would surely find it easier to manage if they are conversant in Spanish. Understanding and conversing in the local language is always an added advantage to the tourist to understand things better.

Likewise if one is traveling to this country for work it becomes a better experience if you can speak their language.

And there are some who wish to enroll in this program to master a new language.

Why Easy Spanish Platinum?

Easy Spanish Platinum is a fast and easy way to learn Spanish; it contains award-winning lessons for pronunciation, speaking, reading and writing, vocabulary and grammar and simulated conversations to name a few.

Lessons are taught in a captivating and enjoyable manner; they have interactive games, analysis of speech, records and playback of voice, a talking dictionary and also cultural movies in their curriculum.

Personalized learning is offered through their pre-assessment testing, courses that are subject-specific, plans that are adjustable and they track the individual’s progress from time to time.

Easy Spanish Platinum, an award-winning language software is a leading brand of immersion learning. Here you get to interact with the natives and this surely helps you learn quicker. Here teaching is tailored to suit your specific needs, be it for travel, business or for attending a school, they make you ready within no time.

Various levels of Easy Spanish Platinum

This program has several levels such as 1, 2, 3 and 4 and you can choose the one most appropriate for you. You will be able to develop your skills with these four levels of progressive learning that include intermediate and advanced lessons, vocabulary exercises and interactive games.

Some of the convenient ways to learn through Easy Spanish Platinum

There are three ways in which you can learn the language as per your convenience

The DVD language course enables you to learn at your computer and offers a fast and easy fun-filled learning for you.

With MP3 files you can learn while driving in your car, that’s really the height of convenience!

Other great features of Easy Spanish Platinum

  • You can perfect your pronunciation and fine-tune your accent with the help of speech labs.
  • Interaction with characters in the real-life scenario helps you learn faster.
  • Documentary movies narrated in Spanish will help enrich your learning; you will be able to discover their traditions and the rich history and culture of Spain.

Language workshops are conducted to help improve your communication skills; you start with the basic words and phrases and systematically advance towards live conversations. Aspects such as vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, live conversation and interactive simulations all form a part of these language workshops where you get to learn and practice.

Soon, you find yourself fluent in this language; thanks to Easy Spanish Platinum!