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Using EarMaster Pro 6 to Improve Your Musical Talent

You do have musical talent. That’s a given. But don’t you ever want to improve and take your musical ability to the next level?

You’re lucky because EarMaster Pro 6 is here to help you get better at your craft. EarMaster Pro 6 is a sight-reading and ear training software you need to be a better musician. Because whether you simply want to improvise, jam or sing with utmost confidence, you have to recognize as much sounds as you can.

And how do you make that one possible? Through ear training! You need ear training most definitely because a better ear would aid you to playing, composing, singing, improvising and notating any music style. Ear training will give you a deep comprehension of any musical performance thrown your way. Guaranteed, you’ll be hearing music like never before.

To give you yet another brief background of EarMaster Pro 6, well, it’s the most updated version of the EarMaster Pro, the world’s leading ear training software used by professional singers and musicians at different levels.

The software acts as a personal teacher where it provides immediate comments and feedback on how you perform on the exercises and recommended courses. It has a wide selection of lessons (2000+) available through 2 courses which is (1) the Jazz course (includes jazz cords and swing rhythms) and (2) a standard course with a variety of styles.

These courses will serve as your guide and will automatically increase in difficulty as your ear continues to improve. In fact, with EarMaster Pro 6, you can even make your own personalized exercises tailored specifically to your needs and musical ability.

More Product Features

  • EarMaster Pro 6 is ear training software for all musicians out there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing the piano, flute, drums, bass or guitar—EarMaster Pro 6 is bound to challenge your ears, regardless if it’s trained or not!
  • The package has 6 exercises that seek to identify chord inversions, chords, chord progressions, intervals, modes and scales.
  • Other benefits of the software include: faster song memorization, playing and singing music exactly the way you hear it, reading music sheets and performing with ease and confidence.