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Duracell Batteries – Procell / Coppertop Duralock / Rechargeable

  • Duracell Procell AA 24 Pack
  • Duracell Coppertop AA 24 Alkaline Batteries
  • Duracell Coppertop Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries with DuraLock

What makes Duracell batteries the popular choice world over?

Duracell, the largest battery maker has become one of the worlds leading brands for rechargeable batteries and these products are available worldwide. Acknowledged as batteries of highest quality world over Duracell excels in performance and cannot be compared to the others in the field. They are long lasting and are capable of powering up any of the electronic devices that need to run for long durations.

Rechargeable batteries manufactured by Duracell are popular for their high density capable of lasting longer with lesser recharging. They are most suited for electronic devices that need consistently high power output like mp3 players, digital cameras, gaming devices, and such others.

Let us see how a battery charges work

A battery is manufactured by arranging electrochemical cells that can be used for storing electricity. The chemical energy stored in the cells can be converted to potential energy, which in turn can be converted to electricity. And this electricity in the batteries has become a source of power and applied to run various electronic devices.

Why are Duracell batteries more popular than the others?

It is a known fact that Duracell batteries last almost 40% longer than the other batteries and the rechargeable batteries are resistant to water and leakages in and out of the cells is greatly avoided.

One great quality of Duracell rechargeable batteries is that they are very environment friendly; no harmful material such as mercury is used in them.

Duracell manufactures batteries in a single form, NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride; these are very powerful and are best suited for high-drain devices. They make batteries of various sizes such as C, D and J ideal for hospital devices. The two main battery brands of Duracell are the Coppertop and the Duracell Ultra.

In spite of maintaining excellent quality, Duracell battery chargers are priced quite low and they also come with a one-year guarantee. You are offered even a 30-day money back refund on all of their battery chargers.

Duracell batteries chargers are made to pass through a highly strict quality control ensuring that all of them work as promised and perform up to the expectations of the users.

Apart from being a popular choice and useful for various electrical appliances Duracell rechargeable batteries also deliver advance power providing utmost satisfaction to their customers.

Important tips on how to ensure long life of the batteries

New batteries come in discharged condition; whenever you buy new ones you will have to charge them before use. While charging them for the first time it is normal to see an indication that the battery is totally charged in just 10 or 15 minutes; you will have to remove the battery and reinsert it again, repeating the process of charging.

Next thing to remember is to fully discharge and then fully charge the battery once in every two or three weeks. If this rule is not followed the life of the Duracell battery might shorten.

Finally, Duracell batteries can be used for almost all of the devices we use daily like remote controls, alarm clocks, CD players, toys, and oh, the list can just go on!