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Optimum Protection Technology in Practise with Doctor Web Katana!

Putting up with anti-virus attacks again and again could be a real challenge – don’t you agree? Trojan horses, viruses, worms and all bugging unwanted invaders – they simply sabotage! Are you of an idea that harmful malware creeps into your system only when you are downloading suspicious files, dropping by a bad site or simply running unpatched software in your computer? Guess what? You are not totally incorrect but there’s much more to it. Even the safest websites in the internet racket could be compromised. Judging these is next to impossible. So, the safest way to keep your system free from ruining invaders and put a screeching halt to the security flaws is by having a quality anti-virus put to action.

The A1 Russian Anti-Virus company Doctor Web is rightly at your aid here! Bringing on boards one of the most cutting-edge next-gen product Dr Web Katana, it guarantees 100% security against undesirable malware attacks, active threats and zero-day vulnerability.

Before digging any deep, are you aware of what zero-day vulnerability actually indicate? Software is man-made! No matter what browser you are most familiar with, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox or anything else – it might be flooded with bugs in it. Certainly not all bugs are threatening but some cause real security holes. The term ‘Zero-Day’ implies that developers hardly have anytime to deal with a can of worms when it cracks open and vulnerabilities spread like wild fire. Results? Your system becomes compromised, the number of malware issues start beefing up and you might also become a part of some organized crime.

Signature anti-viruses here plays a crucial role. It acts like a strong film of defense and keeps your system free from Trojans. Unfortunately, modern –day encryption ransomware and operating system blockers pose a threat that’s way more advanced and dangerous than you ever anticipated. Even the famous signature anti-viruses fail to do the job of protecting your system from being compromised. This is where Dr Web Katana comes into play.

Designed using top-notch algorithms, Dr Web Katana offers optimum protection against worse malwares on earth. It keeps your system protected from unwanted exploits like cybercriminal activities that is indeed a serious epidemic these days.

How does it work?

Kudos to Doctor Web Shellguard! The new product is leading-edge in a number of ways. First, advanced algorithms nip in the bud and bars the malware from injecting codes into useful applications. It ceases the fake and unreliable scripts from working in action. What’s worthy to learn about Dr Web Katana is that the program does not operate based on pre-defined rules only. Unlike most anti-viruses, it does not depend only on a database too. Instead, the program has access to Dr Web Cloud service that strengthens the power of this highly advanced non-signature antivirus by leaps and bounds.

What are the perks of using Doctor Web Katana?

  1. Updated protection services up for grabs – Did you know that tons of fresh new entries are added to the company’s virus database day-in-day-out? This is certainly one of the primary reasons why this non-signature anti-virus leads the charts and has an edge over other regular anti-viruses in the market. It offers premium protection against malicious programs, provides Trojan Blockers and incredible encryption ransomware programs that works flawless and brilliantly.
  2. Invisible – Ruining malware programs are on a hike, there’s no doubt about it! In order to keep at pace with the growing malwares across the globe, the company continues to expand and update anti-virus mechanisms without really affecting the system performance. Dr Web Katana has been developed using modernized algorithms offering incredible security against alarming Trojans by being practically unseen in system resources.