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Dorcy – Weather Resistant / Waterproof LED Flashlight – Rechargeable Spotlight

  • Dorcy Waterproof LED Flashlight 41-2510, 55-Lumens, Yellow
  • Dorcy 41-4241 Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 19-Lumens, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors

Dorcy is a one stop solution for all the lighting products. Dorcy has some of the widest choice for LED flashlights, LED headlamps, camping gear and more. You have Value Pack Promotions from Dorcy that give you complimentary flashlight and battery program.

Here are a few of Dorcy’s lighting products:

Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight with Carabineer Clip, 32-Lumens, Yellow Finish

This is the ideal product for both commercial and residential purposes. Drocy 41-2150 has waterproof design and a unique floatability feature. The 41-2510 has 4 excellent quality and bright LED bulbs that provide light output to a large distance. The 41-2510 is a flashlight which has shock absorbing rubber. The shock absorbing rubber is covered around the head and the body of the light to give an extra layer of protection. The design gives you a slip free and a comfortable grip. The 41-2510 has other features that allow portability. You can easily attach the flashlight to your belt or the backpack and carry it easily. The light comes with a bright yellow finish that gives it a classy look.

Dorcy 41-4750 190-Lumen High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight with Alkaline Batteries, Yellow

The Dorcy 41-4750 High Flux LED Cyber Light Flashlight is the product that has an excellent bright light. It has a high flux LED bulb that has a good light output. The Dorcy 41-4750 has a good run time too. You can use the light for 5 hours at a stretch. One of the great qualities of the product is its strength to withstand falls. The 41-4750 has a durable rubber that can withstand a fall from up-to 8 feet. The product has a new and advanced technology that gives you great quality of light and better visibility.  The LED Forever bulb in the 41-4750 is a bulb that need not be replaced any time at all. This product is excellent for rough use and for tough conditions.

Dorcy 41-1080 Rechargeable Pistol Grip LED Spotlight with Trigger Lock Switch and AC and DC Adapters, 500-Lumens, Yellow Finish

The Dorcy 41-1080  has an excellent battery saver technology that will keep the LED battery in a good condition for a long time. You will get better and greater performance  with the Dorcy 41-1080. The beam of light is capable of giving light up to 500 feet. The portability features are excellent in the 41-1080 and so it is a perfect LED flashlight that you can carry wherever you go. You can use the light for two and a half hour at a stretch. The battery saver technology ensures that the battery is not fully discharged in any case.

Dorcy 41-1071 180-Degree Wireless Motion Sensing LED Flood Light, 120-Lumens, Black Finish

The Dorcy 41-1071 is the product that uses new LED technology. The latest technology provides you with safe and bright light anywhere. You need not connect any wires to use the  41-1071. It is a fully capable product that you can use to light your garage, patio, yard building, barn or walkway. It also has a motion sensor installed.  The motion sensor is used to turn on the light in dark places and in situations where motion is detected. The 41-1071 automatically shuts down in ideal conditions to save energy.