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What Can You Get From DEVONthink Pro?

DEVONthink Pro is software programs that can help you keep important files organized as well as allow artificial intelligence to file your data. You can also write and research with the use of power tools. In addition, you can obtain necessary information without your work being interrupted. You can even automate and integrate your workflow with DEVONthink Pro.

Through this program, you can become organized and more productive. You will be able to keep things in sync, and even use more file formats and multiple databases. Your workflow will be automated. DEVONthink Pro is ideal for power users, students, teachers, researchers, journalists, and lawyers among others.

DEVONthink Pro will keep your important data safe and organized. It will also present it in the way that you prefer. Your vital information will be kept in an easy-to-backup database, as well as presented in various ways that are optimized to your work style. Your data will also be quick to navigate through multiple views. There is no more need for you to view and edit your documents through Quick Look or other applications.

DEVONthink features a built-in artificial intelligence that can assist you in filing new documents. It also has an advanced search function that can help you retrieve important documents, as well as smart groups to help you present data. In case you need to search for files and documents, you can use the See Also function and keywords.

Furthermore, you can collect, summarize, analyze, and create new data with this software program. The smart templates are ideal for new documents. If you want to cross-reference your work, you can either use manual or automatic links. When it comes to storage, you can store your files in the built-in database. You can also reference them with the use of the index feature.