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DEVONnote:  Because your thoughts matter

DEVONnote knows how important thoughts and ideas are.  So it keeps them and provides users a unique way to store and manage them with its one-of-a-kind tools and artificial intelligence.  It also treats websites like living notes.

Just like any other note-taking applications, it stores and saves thoughts and ideas.  What makes it even better is that it has the capability to not only store them but also organize them so users can pull them up easily anytime they wish.

It allows users to write down their thoughts and ideas in plain or rich text formula and highlight the important items.  It also allows them to get and store ideas from the Internet or a document, in the same way one can get a page or a passage from a book and a library and store them in an index card, through its Services or Dock Menu.

This note-taking software also has the unique ability to put together the users’ files in an organized structure.  By linking together related notes through automatic Wiki links, users won’t have to worry about organizing their files.  Instead, they can focus more on creating and organizing their thoughts.

This softwarealso allows users to sort and find documents with just a single click, so they won’t have to search their computer’s entire hard disk for saved thoughts and ideas.  And with its integrated browser, one can now easily go online for additional ideas and thoughts and put them together with his or her own thoughts and ideas.

This software is just like a virtual secretary or assistant.  It allows users to focus on the more important things, like creating even more thoughts and ideas!  It’s the perfect tool not just for bosses with so many ideas to contribute to their growing companies, but also moms and students with ideas to store and use later on.