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The developers of award-winning utilities for the Mac and PC recently released Data Rescue 4, the Best Mac Hard Drive Recovery Software. This new version 4 replaces the previous version Data Rescue 3.

Data Rescue falls in the range of best hard drive recovery programs that are available to you. If you are worried about recovering files from your crashed hard drive, or if you have deleted files by mistake, you can recover all those files with Data Rescue. If you are looking for a fine hard drive recovery software, then you have Data Rescue. The fine blend of the software is built to extract data from your computer when all options fail. You can be assured of the performance of the software, as it has been the number of one in the list of data rescue software applications.

Security: Your priority

There are some applications that attempt risky repairs that can cost you your computer. If the software is attempting risky repairs, the chances are that you not only lose the data, but also the operating system. Data Rescue is a powerful yet a safe software application that does not do any risky repairs that are beyond its functionality. There are errors that are caused by the operating systems issues. A data recovery software cannot handle such operations. Therefore, you need a software that is good at doing its job and not get into doing risky repairs that can cost you more and bring you more trouble. Data Rescue is the software that you must trust for Mac operating system. It is safe and secure and yet powerful to conduct all forms of data recovery. Data Rescue is the brand used by many trusted names like the military services, intelligence agencies and other popular agencies.

Do-it-yourself Data Recovery Software

What can you expect from a fine software like Data Rescue ?

Performance assurance:

You can be sure of the software performing better when all the other recovery software applications fail. You are backed with some major firms who use the software and you will be assured about the software’s capabilities because of major brands trusting Data Rescue. It has been a consistent winner of awards for its performance and its features.

File recovery:

The software application assures you on the files that it recovers. There is a list of file systems that it recovers when you encounter situations that might lead you to lose your data. Anything can happen to a computer and there is a constant threat of losing the data that is saved on your hard drive. With Data Rescue you are sure to have if not all, but most of the file formats that Data Rescue supports. You can use Data Rescue on your cameras to recover digital pictures. Even if you have erased or formatted the device, you still can recover it from your camera.

Works if the Mac hard drive fails to mount or only partially operates:

When most of the software applications fail in this scenario, Data Rescue comes to your rescue. You can use a bootable DVD that comes with the Data Rescue to enter into your hard drive and you still have all your files. If there are situations where you have deleted files or lost them or the files are damaged, you still can recover them with Data Rescue. You also have the benefit of recovering the whole drive or just the files that are important to you.