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Cyberlink PowerProducer, apt for casual moviemakers and simple film projects

Those whose dream is filmmaking would benefit greatly out of using CyberLinkPowerProducer a reliable software solution that helps process VCD, DVD, Blu-ray, AVCREC and AVCHD media before you can burn it to a disc. In brief this offers a video-production program for these budding filmmakers or others who wish to create DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

This program is very useful to those of you who are avid videographers or wild life adventurers who have millions of video clips either on wild life or other social and family gatherings waiting to be put up on TV.

This software comes with an attractive and highly intuitive interface; in the main window it enables you to select to produce a movie disc, edit a disc, and open an already existing project or to access additional utilities, or right-to-disc, i.e. transfer videos directly to DVD or BD. This user-friendly suite enables the users to create and burn movie discs along with high-quality menu templates and also Blu-ray support.

How to go about using CyberLinkPowerProducer

Though this program does not offer much as a real movie editor for adding special effects, etc. it gives you greater and wider control on how to package your movie for presenting it onscreen.

When you are preparing to produce a movie disc you will have to initially capture, import and edit the content. You will have to first select the option ‘Produce movie disc’ in the main menu, the program then takes you through some other basic options such as format selection; you will have to select the format type you wish to produce e.g. CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc. and the specific video recording format e.g.VCD, SVCD, BDAV, BDMV, etc., next comes the capacity of the disc and aspect ratio.

Basic options for managing video files, menu structures and capture modes are displayed in the left column and the right panel is utilized as a visual editor with text boxes that can be edited and an animated preview tab of your disc.

CyberLinkPowerProducer is endowed with quite a decent amount of assorted templates that showcase the standard animated backgrounds, video previews and floating images. It enables you to go deeper and adjust other settings such as the number of chapters, edit slideshows, set commercial cuts and alter the background music of each of the menus.

Now that you are done creating your masterpiece you can save your project to be worked on later or you can burn the video to disc.

Draws backs faced with CyberLinkPowerProducer

This software though works really great for quickly packaging your media; it faces certain drawbacks in the area of real customizable elements. It does not allow you to add text boxes or change the colors nor can you create your own unique templates. Though the templates that come with the program are pretty good it is more exciting to create your own templates.

On the whole it can be said that this application comes in a nice package that offers a quick and easy way for video processing and burning options to create a presentable digital package. This comes with a visually appealing user interface that is easy to follow and a well-drawn help file that suits casual moviemakers and apt for simple film projects.