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Not only the most trusted burning software by leading PC brands, Power2Go 11 stands ahead of the competition with more patented technology and the widest range of disc and mobile formats. With its famously easy-to-use interface coupled with new enhancements that provide better-than-original quality when transferring movies, Power2Go 11 remains the leader in burning, backup and conversion software.

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Cyberlink Power2Go 10 Deluxe Features :

Burn & Create – Create professional style CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs to share

  • Drag, Drop, and Burn to Any Disc – Create your own personal compilations in moments, with intuitive Desktop Burning Gadgets
  • Disc Manager – Find the files you need, fast!
  • ISO Toolkit – Mount and View ISO discs
  • Easy Audio Discs – Burn your favorite tunes
  • Create Great DVDs – Share videos on DVD
  • Share Photo Galleries – Bring photos to life
  • Creative Menu Templates – Thousands of FREE menu templates on DirectorZone!

Convert & Transfer – Convert video & audio to enjoy on-the-go

  • Convert Video & Audio NEW – Convert all popular formats including UltraHD 4K formats
  • Smart Detect NEW – With over 150 supported device profiles, video and audio conversion is as easy as plug ‘n’ play

Download & Protect – Download and enjoy YouTube and Vimeo videos anytime.

  • Social Media Download
  • Military-grade Encryption – 256-bit encryption safeguards your private data

Cyberlink Power2Go 9 coupon

With the wide availability of disc burning capabilities in both Windows and Mac computer systems that are very easy to use and do not take up too much disk space, you’re probably wondering why you need a separate disc burning program such as Cyberlink Power2Go 9 to provide you with additional optical burning solutions. Built-in disc burning tools may be able to perform data disc, CD, and DVD burning capabilities, but Home or Starter versions of some Windows operating systems do not provide these functions. Additionally, built-in optical burning tools are still not capable of burning Blu-ray discs.

Cyberlink Power2Go 9, developed by Cyberlink (the leading provider of multimedia tools), is a high-performance optical disc burning program that offers a wide range of functions that you would not find in a built-in burning program. Cyberlink Power2Go 9 essentially provides an all-in-one solution to all your disc burning needs as it allows you to conveniently burn any media file to any disc through its smart Desktop Burning Gadget. This drag-and-drop interface simplifies the disc burning process and allows you to finish projects in a jiffy. You can also customize your options to include duplicate burning features that allow you to save an image of your disc on your hard drive and burn them back again in case you need them. Cyberlink Power2Go 9 is also equipped with a disc spanning feature which is extremely useful if you want to burn files that are too large for a single disc. Cyberlink Power2Go 9 automatically breaks up your large file into parts and burns them on separate discs. This feature works with DVDs, CDs, and even Blu-ray discs.

Another notable feature of the Cyberlink Power2Go 9 is the Social Media Backup which allows you to access photos, videos, and files on Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr and lets you burn them directly onto a disc to create a backup of the files that you have on your social media networks. You can also choose to download your photos and videos onto your hard drive first before burning them on a disc.

Cyberlink Power2Go 9 is also equipped with a media management tool that allows you to organize the files that you’ve burned on discs, thus making it easier to remember which files are inside a specific disc. After your disc burning session, the program adds the names of the files and folders onto the Disc Manager. Looking for a file is as simple as browsing through the list or searching the file name. You can also add special tags and a snapshot of your discs to be able to identify your files more easily.